The time has come! Today, we’re happy to announce that the big update we’ve been working on for the last months is finally life, and RoboTraps is now a full 16 levels strong. The 4 new levels take off where you left, so you can expect quite a challenge.

  • To make it short, here’s a list of goodies added with this update:
  • 4 new levels in a new building, including the junk yard and a reactor
  • Relative size tweaked for a more realistic feel
  • Various graphical and animation improvements
  • Slight tweaks to first levels for better difficulty curve
  • More promotions and stuff for your office
  • A beautiful(?) song performed by the announcer
  • The tutorial now supports reduced motion mode
  • And finally, a showdown at the brink of global destruction

Have fun!

Michael from Poltergames