The time has come! Today, we’re happy to announce that the big update we’ve been working on for the last months is finally life, and RoboTraps is now a full 16 levels strong. The 4 new levels take off where you left, so you can expect quite a challenge.

  • To make it short, here’s a list of goodies added with this update:
  • 4 new levels in a new building, including the junk yard and a reactor
  • Relative size tweaked for a more realistic feel
  • Various graphical and animation improvements
  • Slight tweaks to first levels for better difficulty curve
  • More promotions and stuff for your office
  • A beautiful(?) song performed by the announcer
  • The tutorial now supports reduced motion mode
  • And finally, a showdown at the brink of global destruction

Have fun!

Michael from Poltergames


The new update’s almost finished, with only some voice recordings and some pieces of the fourth new level left to do. If nothing exceptionally bad happens, you’ll be able to destroy the universe… I mean enjoy the new building as soon as next week. So if you don’t already own RoboTraps, now’s the time to strike! But beware: The new levels will be a challenge even to experienced robot rescuers.

Alas, poor Clark. I knew him, Horatio.

Little screenshot from the second of the four new levels Michael’s currently working on. He made up a neat and mean new mechanic for this one.

Here’s a little update to let you know Michael just finished the first of the new levels and is currently decorating it. Take a look at the screenshot!

Don’t you wish to grab your own copy of “Monotony” and play a game just now? Man, there’s a version of that game for every conceivable franchise, so it’s no wonder Death Trap Inc did their own. Just make sure to be first at and buy Razorblade Boulevard, or the game will be pure agony. Quite literally.

Well would you look at that! Is that construction work going on at Death Trap Inc? One wonders what it is they’re building there…

Who doesn’t love Steam? It’s hot, it’s breezy, it’s what keeps Ernest running. Ernest sure loves it. And for everybody who also does, we got good news today, as the Vive version of RoboTraps will finally be available over at Steam by today! Check it out here.

The updated version of RoboTraps for Oculus Rift is here! And it’s brought a plethora of improvements to the game, most prominently OCULUS TOUCH support. Now you’ll be able to either use the Oculus Remote, keyboard, mouse or conventional controller setup RoboTraps always had – or grab your Touch controller and use it as a remote to point at the levers and doors of Death Trap Incorporated. Dealing with lethal machinery has never felt more intuitive!

Also, we added a setting to reduce the office’s movement to a bare minimum as a service to all you motion sensitive folks – so you won’t look like Bob does here…

Check out the new and improved version of RoboTraps for Rift here.


Time for a special announcement! The long-awaited VIVE version for RoboTraps is now available. It features a completely new and improved control scheme based on the VIVE controllers, making them remotes. Handling deadly machinery has never been easier!

Click here for the VIVE version of RoboTraps, or take a look at the brand new VIVE trailer.

What do you know! We finally finished the trailer for the VIVE version of RoboTraps!

On the VIVE, you’ll be able to use your controller as a remote. Sit comfortably in your moving monorail office and control the lethal but high-quality products of your new employer, Death Trap Inc, to make sure your robot coworkers make it savely to the finish line. To check it, click the image or visit us over at Youtube.

RoboTraps is scheduled to become available for VIVE later this month (May 2017).


We here at Poltergames love our supporters. We love you, with all four chambers of our plasma-pumping hearts. Which is why today, we got something pretty for you: The free demo of RoboTraps!

So in case you are one of those people who still aren’t sure whether they should get the game, you can now just try out the first three levels of it before making your choice.

Get the free demo here.
And here you’ll find the (ad-free) full version.