Hi there, everyone. Today’s the day we can announce something great! And that great thing is, RoboTraps has passed content review and is now available for the Oculus Rift!
The Rift version of RoboTraps features the same brilliant levels and contents as the Google Play Store version, but has much greater graphics, allows you to move freely in the office and of course still maintains the super-easy to learn control scheme. It works with all the usual Oculus controllers, and then some.
If you’re looking for a clever, fun new puzzle experience for your Rift, then look no further. Seriously. We gotta make a living, too.

In case you don’t own a Rift, make sure to check out the Android version. There’ll also be interesting news for all of you who’re still undecided, soon. Stay tuned!


ErnestSchwerkraft_FBHi folks. We are currently adding finishing strokes to the Oculus Rift version of RoboTraps as well as to the free demo of the game for the Google Play Store. Stay tuned, as news about both of these are to come very soon.

The day has come – our new and improved RoboTraps trailer is finished! Words can’t describe its beauty, so see for yourself.


Recordings2Hi there, folks! Long time no hear. Speaking of which, Michael finished the voice recordings for our new trailer a while ago, and now Fabian is in the midst of doing the cutting. Stay tuned! The trailer will feature juicy all-new footage from RoboTraps’ version for the Oculus Rift. Speaking of which (again), we’re currently fixing some leftover bugs for said version, and hope to be launching it to the Oculus store later this month. Hear! Hear!


Happy 2017, folks! Did you decide to change a few things this year? We here at Poltergames surely did – and we’re not talking about eating healthier or doing more sports, either. Instead, we are proud to announce that a free demo version of RoboTraps is in the works and will be released soon. It will feature only a fraction of the full game’s content and probably include a tiny dose of advertisement (those diamond swimming pools don’t grow on trees) – but if you just want to check out the game or see how it runs on your smartphone, it’ll be perfect.
Stay tuned for info on the Oculus Rift version, too.



Today we want to tell you about an aspect of RoboTraps that has special importance to us: The music.

When we envisioned RoboTraps, it was clear the game would need some fitting score to go with its special style. However, as we at Poltergames are starving students, we couldn’t afford to have our sound created by an expensive composer or performed by a gigantic orchestra. Instead we got something better! Kevin MacLeod‘s incompetech.com is a website hosting hundreds of music pieces – all free of charge, as long as you give Kevin credit. We think that credit was more than deserved, which is why the complete score of RoboTraps comes from Kevin’s website.

Now you might ask, why do we post about this? Shouldn’t we be ashamed of using royalty free music and rather try to cover this up? And the answer is, we don’t know what we should, but we most certainly aren’t ashamed, and we don’t want to cover this up either. Kevin’s music is brilliant. It fits RoboTraps to a T, and we honestly doubt we could’ve achieved a similar result elsewhere. Other royalty free music sources out there couldn’t compare, either.

All we regret is that we didn’t have the money on our hands to give Kevin the share he deserved. So for now, what we can and want to do is to give Kevin a shout out, another big “thank you for the music”, and tell all of you about this amazing site of his. Kevin actually does compose new music for pay. So if any of you ever need some music for your own production, go to incompetech.com and ask this guy. We’d love to do so too once we can. Or if you use his music for free, consider leaving a few bucks as a sign of appreciation. He’s got the Poltergames Seal of Approval, after all.


bobweihnachtenHey there! Hope you spent a nice time with friends and family these days. We here at Poltergames were in a collective cookie-and-gingerbread-caused coma for the better part of it, so we couldn’t post our last christmas card in time. Still, as we didn’t want to keep it a secret from you, here it is.

See you soon with more news on RoboTraps.


Still looking for a present? Gee, aren’t we well prepared this year. But no worries, we at Poltergames are here to help you out with another inspiring holiday card. You’re welcome!

In other News, we’ve updated RoboTraps once more to add support for bluetooth controllers. Ho ho hooray!

weihnachtskarte-aliceA-choo! It’s getting chilly out there. What better at this weather than a nice, warm fire with some nice, roasted robots over it? Jolly good.

Today, we got quite a bit of news to tell you about:

First of all, we made a small update to the Android version of RoboTraps, which tweaked some minor aesthetics. If you haven’t given it a look yet, there never has been a better time for that.

Also, we’re currently working on an improved trailer for the game, which will feature the current graphics as well as the voice Michael uses ingame when he takes on the role of RoboTraps’ announcer. Stay tuned.

And last but not least, here’s a holiday card you can share with your pals to give them a hint what you want to get this year. Our personal opinion is that the best traps are buzz saws, but apparently Ernest disagrees.