RoboTraps – A Poltergame

What Is RoboTraps?

RoboTraps is the new Virtual Reality puzzler for your smartphone or Oculus Rift.

Meet the robots Alice, Bob, Clark, Dennis and Ernest.

Handle dangerous machines and protect the five at their working place at “Death Trap Incorporated”.

Access various parts of the factory in your moving office, climb the corporate ladder and earn rewards for your desk.



    • Detailed & unique Virtual Reality game world
    • 12 challenging levels
    • Exciting & diverse puzzle mechanics
    • Unlock prizes for your office
    • Gentle motion designed with player comfort in mind
    • Text and voice acting available in English and German

How do I get it?

RoboTraps released at the beginning of December 2016 for Android phones and is now available on the Google Play Store. It’s compatible with most cardboards. A version for the Oculus rift was released in January 2017. Versions for Oculus Gear, Steam VR and Playstation VR are being considered for the future.


Polter Who?

Poltergames is Michael Spitzer and Fabian Ramelsberger. Two creative minds who are eager to create new worlds and exciting mechanics. The two of us do all the concept, programming, character design, marketing and the world design together in thoughtful detailed work, and rumour has it we never sleep.

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Michael is an information science student with a thing for games, pop culture and satire (although we don’t really know what kind of thing it is). Apart from his role in creating the odd world of RoboTraps, Michael created our levels and thought up most of the mechanics behind the robots. He’s also the voice of RoboTraps’ announcer, who will show you the ropes of working at Death Trap Inc.
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Fabian studies Media Informatics und likes art, coffee and videogames. Before RoboTraps he has made other games und loves to build creative and detailed worlds. With his arty skills he had a good share in the design of RoboTraps. For example, he created most of the diverse and interesting objects you’ll find in your future office. He also made this kick-ass website you’re looking at.








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